Health services research and implementation

Development in digital health technologies have proceeded at a substantial rate in the last few years. Unsurprisingly, this advancement has not corresponded to a proportional increase in consumer choice in digital technologies to treat and monitor health. There is a need for a greater emphasis on translational research and activities that facilitate the progression from the creation to the use of digital technologies in health. The Health Policy and Implementation hub within the Toronto-Manchester Joint Translational Centre for Digital Health is responsible for supporting activities focused on the governance of digital health technologies and their intersection with society. These include, for example, socioeconomic assessments and foresight; analyses of the regulatory landscape, policy drivers; and social research on the changing nature of healthcare. This theme brings together policy decision-makers, technology developers, researchers, and technology users.

Hub leads

Barbara Ribeiro

Barbara Ribeiro

University of Manchester
Alliance Manchester Business School - Innovation Management and Policy Division
Brian Chan

Brian Chan

University of Toronto
Dalla Lana School of Public Health

Reeva Lederman

University of Melbourne
Computing and Information Systems