Data science and artificial intelligence

Data science and artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly important drivers of innovation in healthcare. These two branches of science play a major role in the Joint Translational Centre for Digital Health, as both Toronto and Manchester are well-known globally for their ground-breaking contributions in these fields. 

This hub focuses on enhancing and facilitating the translational aspects of data science and artificial intelligence, giving theoreticians new setups to develop novel concepts and methods, and an opportunity to develop and deploy bench-to-bedside solutions that will have immediate impact on patients and patient care. 

This ambition is only possible through our Centre, as both Toronto and Manchester represent two of the fastest-growing major medical and technology research hubs in Canada and the United Kingdom, respectively. Our associated hospitals and healthcare institutions represent ideal testbeds where the acceleration of engineered solutions under this hub have tremendous impact. 

We achieve translational focus by addressing three foci: 

  1. Expanding the scope of methods and models
  2. Enhancing the quality of translational science
  3. Facilitating  connections and access to resources

These foci are interconnected, and we implement these visions by engaging different stakeholders in our environment through several collaborative, multidisciplinary opportunities, including 

  1. Intercontinental resource sharing
  2. Training multidisciplinary highly qualified personnel
  3. Collaborating with industry and government
  4. Breaking out of silos with joint opportunities

Hub leads

Andy Kin On Wong

Andy Wong

University of Toronto
Dalla Lana School of Public Health
Ervin Sejdic

Ervin Sejdić

North York General Hospital, Toronto, Canada
Research Chair in Artificial Intelligence for Health Outcomes
Andre Freitas

Andre Freitas

University of Manchester
Department of Computer Science
Samuel Kaski

Samuel Kaski

University of Manchester
Pankhurst Institute for Health Technology

Priyanka Pillai

University of Melbourne
Research and Enterprise